Our spring / summer collection 2021 is inspired by the strange vibes of a quiet and deserted city at night. All the styles of this condensed CLUB EDITION are named after Viennese clubs and performance venues closed for (hopefully only) now. The image shoot took place at the Danube canal – a new hotspot for club kids and the party crowd.

HOUSE OF THE VERY ISLAND’S signature loose fit silhouettes are completely made from recycled and dead stock fabrics, many of them overdyed with natural dyes. The process of piece dying results in variations of color and intensity underlining the intimate, personal feeling of the collection. Subtle individuality also marks the shapes combining utilitarian pockets with soft loose outlines.

A palette of subdued layered colors refers to the abundant vegetation around our studio located close to an old side arm of the Danube River. Dark shadowy leaf, dry pale and glowing olive greens are contrasted by white and warm orange.

The best parties are yet to come – let´s meet in CLUB EDITION in 2021.

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