The bold color splashes of this year’s summer collection are inspired by the “Klecks” (German for blot) an infamous way of personalizing cars very popular in Austria from mid-80s to mid-90s. Icon graphic shapes resembling huge dabs of color were applied as stickers or airbrushed. Spilling over serious status symbols they were playfully disrupting the cool shiny elegance of one of consumer society’s most favorite objects of desire.

They were truly admirable reckless, unrestrained examples of anarchistic bad taste.

In the collection, the both representational and abstract shapes of the “Kleckse” disturb classic shirts and street style hoodies. The “Klecks” also appears in shiny foil prints that add a car finish texture to the natural feel of organic jerseys.

Colors are based on the shades of sunburnt palm trees, a set of greys contrasted by mineral blue and green and interrupted by dashes of neon. Mixed media jewelry with big acrylic “Kleckse” picks up the neon stripes on classic blue shirting.

Material choice is focused on linen and linen blends ranging from color grown light weight piqué to luxuriant denim. High quality Italian wool and silk blends provide a baseline of seriousness to the sophisticated playfulness of the silhouettes. Oversized coats and loose shirt jackets translate the feeling of easy summer shirting into outerwear and underline the brands signature laid back attitude.

Enjoy Anarchy!

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