Casc8 sets out to challenge the way we perceive materials.


Born out of the desire to be part of a positive contribution to the increasingly serious plastic waste reality around the globe.


Casc8 is collaborating with NGO organisation Khamir in Gujarat, India – whose initiative is to collect plastic waste polluting the landscape, to transform it into a useful material through a process of hand weaving.

It is a project that helps sustain the environmental ecology as well as the culture of local craftsmanship.

Together with Artisans, Casc8 is crafting a product which benefits the enormous challenge of cleaning up the earth from an overload of plastic waste, while simultaneously creating functional design that gives voice to the critical current time we are living in.


The socio-economic initiative was started by the local Artisans who could see the possibilities in transforming the easily available plastic waste into a woven material by using traditional craftsmanship methods.

After the plastic has been collected, it is washed and cut into strips to be handwoven on traditional wooden looms.

Everything in the process of creating the up-cycled plastic textiles is handcrafted.

The Artisans weave the designs of Casc8 into the textile.

The up-cycled material is made into refined, high quality bags in Verona, Italy. All other other supplementary elements of the production of the bags are produced and made in Italy.

The production of the more simple tote bag, is made from the Casc8 studio in Copenhagen.