"As a child, Lady Nutjob loved reviews of years, a list of all the good, bad and exciting that happened in 365 days.

So it should have been a great honor and pleasure, when she was asked by Samstag-shop to review a year herself – if it wasn’t for that damn 2020. A bleak, chaotic, desperate year in which some of the most important seeds for change were plant, a year of happiness, found in fear. So maybe, she is the right one to review? Witness Nurjob trying to explain and summorise 2020, in an attempt to not be swallowed by madness completely (spioler: too late already).
Lady Nutjob is the drag character of Jupiter Braun that was created to break the rules of performance, behavior and tabus given by society in a constant try to laugh over depression, shame and to celebrate inperfection together with the audience.“
Music: Sebastian Meyer
Action Cam: Josef Weiland
Video: Corinna Malecha
Host : Peter Holzinger 

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